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Director/Producer - Winter in Eden (Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA, 2019, and Caldas da Reinha, 2019, Portugal )

Experimental short doc exploring the relationship between landscape, history and personal experience in the small town of Eden, Idaho, USA.

Director/Producer - North of Eden (Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA, 2018)

Experimental coming-of-age doc made from photographs, poetry and interview extracts exploring themes of memory, foreignness and alienation.

Director 'Good-bye Old LIfe' (Runner-up Camden Film Festival 2006)

Portrait of an extraordinary lady who decides to make drastic changes to her life at the age of 85. This is the story of an eventful but often painful life where individual courage triumphs in the end.


Director/Producer - 'Bully' (Curzon Soho Cinema 2003)

Documentary produced in collaboration with Roger Graef for the London Shakespeare Workout. This documentary takes a different look at bullying in prison. Filmed around a production of Shakespeares Henry 6th in HMP Pentonville, the film searches for solutions to this fatal problem. Includes interviews with inmates, actors and politicians.


Director - 'The Girl Next Door' (Brief Encounter Film Festival 1998)

Documentary about a nine year old girl who plays rugby for an all boys' team on one of the most notorious housing estates in Bristol.


Director/Producer - 'East Becomes West' (LCP 1996)

TapeSlide that documents the effect the Fall of the Berlin Wall had on members of a Dresden Choir's private lives.



Director/Producer - 'Lifeline' (BBC 1)

Charity appeal by Roger Black on behalf of the Spinal Research Trust. Programme portrays day-to-day life of two severely paralysed women.


Director/Producer - 'Getting Started', series (BBC 2)

Presented by Matt Allwright. Each programme follows two students on a days work experience in their chosen career.


Director - 'Talk German', series (BBC 2)

Magazine programme filmed in and around Munich designed to give adults an insight into German culture and to teach beginner's German.


Director - 'Bitesize', series (BBC 2)

Different challenges in which students put their theoretical knowledge to the test in real life situations.


Assistant Producer - 'When Mercedes went to Motown' (BBC 2)

60 min documentary telling the story behind DaimlerChrysler, the largest industrial merger of all time and the man who made it all happen: CEO Jürgen Schrempp.


Picture Researcher - 'School Rules' (Channel4)

Ian Hislop presents the history of the British education system in the 20th century

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